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We are Cheryl and Mike.  Let us tell you about our little farm.

Fuzzy Britches is a tiny alpaca palace located in the small town of McGregor, Ontario.  We began our journey with just two alpacas, Miss Fluff and Copper.  They were both quiet and a bit shy of hanging out with humans, so we worked a lot with them to turn them into the outgoing ladies they are today.  

After they moved in with us, shearing season was upon us.  That's when we discovered that not one, but both of these ladies were pregnant.  We didn't knowingly purchase two pregnant alpacas, so imagine our surprise!

We worked diligently to ensure that both mothers had proper care, and that their offspring would arrive at our little farm happy and healthy. 

Within two days of each other, Miss Fluff and Copper produced little boys who were named Spats and Sherlock.


Sadly, in the summer of 2022, Sherlock developed an insurmountable illness, and we lost him.  We were heartbroken, and we think of him all of the time.

We have many visitors and friends that enjoy coming over to learn about our alpacas, and we love spending time with them.  They're as cuddly as alpacas are capable of being.  They also produce beautiful fleece and we are happy to share those products with you!

Our alpacas are raised cruelty free.  Their fleece is hypo-allergenic and as organic as can be.  Happy alpacas make happy clothing! 

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